Fears That Spoil Dating Russian Women and How to Overcome Them

Using a dating service and actually dating Russian women can be hard enough as it is, but what may be a difficult and slightly fearful first meet with your Russian girl, might be made all the more worrying if you have other fears too.

Dating Russian women and online dating in general naturally involve meeting people who begin as strangers and we hope to gradually get to know and may even go further with to become lovers, but we have to overcome that first meeting with a Russian woman and that is where problems can start.

dating Russian women

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Most of the issues that people have with the initial date revolve around perceived problems which you then magnify in your mind, creating anxiety where none should exist.  If you have been exchanging messages with your Russian lady and want to take it to the next level with an actual meet, you need to have the right mindset before you embark on it.  But what are the main problems of dating Russian women and how do you overcome them?

Focusing on the worst

You can spoil your first meeting with your Russian lady by sinking into a negative state, usually fuelled by imagining different scenarios that always end badly.  Whether you imagine that you will say something inappropriate or do something that will undermine you in the eyes of your Russian woman, many men can create a situation that leaves them messing the whole thing up at the first gate, thereby destroying any chance of a second date with them.  Difficult to do, but simply relax and enjoy the forthcoming experience.  You can help yourself calm down with breathing exercises.

dating Russian women

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Face your fears when dating Russian women

When dating Russian women online, you start from a position of already knowing a little bit about your Russian girl, so you should be able to start conversations quite easily which will help you face up to any fears that you might have about the meeting.

Don’t over-analyze conversations

Once you have met with your Russian woman, there is a tendency to replay conversations in your head, and perhaps start to read too much into some of the things said.  Try to avoid as you might take them out of context and misunderstand some of the things that your Russian lady said.  If you have had a good date, just leave it at that and move on to the next one.

Consider if they are worth it

After a good date, do try and consider if you would like to see your Russian lady again.  If so, it could be the start of something great, but if you don’t think that they are really for you, thank her for her time, and go back to dating Russian women.