Russian fairy tales that Russian brides love from their childhood

For many of us, memories from childhood give us a warm and nostalgic feeling throughout our lives. For Russian brides, recounting traditional fairy tales from their younger years has the same effect.

Whichever country you grew up in as a child, there will have been stories, rhymes and fairy tales that were synonymous with your early years. Here are some of the most popular Russian fairy tales that Russian brides just love to remember.

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Masha and the Bear

This lovely tale tells the story of a young girl called Masha who lives with her grandparents. One day, Masha ventures into the forest with friends but gets lost and ends up coming upon a bear’s house.

The bear initially holds Masha captive, but over time Masha wins the bear around the story has a happy ending. So, popular is this story, it has now been made into an animated cartoon that is hugely successful across the world. Russian brides love to read or even watch the animated story even today.

Silver Hoof

The heart-warming and mystical tale of Silver Hoof focuses on an old widowed hunter named Kokovanya. Kokovanya adopts a young orphan girl and her scraggy little kitten, and the pair live happily together. There is a local legend of a magical goat by the name of Silver Hoof – the name came from the fact that the goat’s front right hoof was silver, and if he patted the floor with it, gems were left on the ground.

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Kokovanya searches for Silver Hoof for years, but it’s while he is away that the mystical goat visits the young girl and plays with the cat. The cat and goat become great friends and eventually disappear together, but not before they leave a stack of gems for the pair to live happily ever after. It’s a sure-fire winner for Russian brides to sit down and remember this priceless story.

Magic Wild Geese

The story of the magic wild geese that carried away a young girl’s baby brother is well-known and fondly remembered tale for Russian brides. The young girl had seen ordered to look after the boy while her parents went out, but after becoming distracted by games, the magic geese came and swooped the youngster away. Happily, she manages to get her brother back by agreeing to do things that are forbidden in her father’s house, but thankfully she succeeds and returns home in time.