Winter in Ukraine: Places to Visit and Things to do With Your Ukrainian Bride

Ukrainian Bride

Have you decided to take things one step further with your Ukrainian girl? Congratulations! What better way to celebrate the event than spending winter in her home country? Perhaps you still don’t know too much about this place, but the truth is Ukraine is amazing during winter. Don’t take our word for granted. Have a look at these places to visit and things to do with your Ukrainian bride in Ukraine this winter.

Go Skiing in Bukovel

Ukraine is synonymous with white winters, and what better way to spend your time during the cold season than skiing in the Carpathians?

Ukrainian Bride

Let’s spend this winter together!

While Ukraine brags with dozens of ski resorts, one your Ukrainian bride might like is Bukovel. It’s the most famous ski destination in western Ukraine, impressing with high-standard accommodation and services.

The resort counts over 60 slopes for all levels, a 5-star resort and spa hotel, entertainment centers, restaurants, and more.

Relax at Kosino Thermal Spa Complex

If you’re not really the athletic kind, spending your days soaking in hot water could sound more inviting. In this case, simply go to the Kosino Thermal Spa complex.

Boasting outdoor pools and thermal lakes, the complex awaits its visitors with seven original saunas, varying from hot salty waters to eucalyptus ones. Not only this is an easy way to pamper your Ukrainian woman in a romantic way, but the waters here also have health benefits. What else could you wish for?

Visit Poltava Region

For something different, get away from both the city and the mountain. The heart of Ukraine is made up of extensive fields and dense forests that turn magic in winter. The Poltava region is a staple of winter wonderlands, with its natural and cultural reserves.

Ukrainian Bride

Are you a man of my dreams?

This well-developed destination for green tourism will not only impress you; your Ukrainian bride will also appreciate your originality.

Lviv Markets

Nestled in Western Ukraine, Lviv is incredible in all seasons, and extremely festive in winter. A festive market showcases striking decorations, lights, food and entertainment stalls, souvenirs, concerts, performances, and a skating rink.

Then, the rest of this historical city is amazing, from its old buildings to modern venues and imposing cathedrals. No doubt, one of the best places where to spend winter in Ukraine with your Ukrainian bride.