The Reasons why Your Russian Bride may Insist on Getting Married in her Own Country

Russian bride

If you’re engaged to your beautiful Russian bride to be, then you’re going to have one of the most exciting and loving marriages ahead of you.

A Russian bride will give you so much during your life together. Strength, loyalty, admiration and above all else, love. These are qualities that you will come to know and adore her for.

Russian bride

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However, while there won’t be too many compromises that you have to make, one may be the wedding day itself. Many Russian ladies insist on getting married in their home country. 

This is not a bad thing and the big day will be incredibly memorable and fulfilling. You’ll also get to meet so many of her family and friends and get an authentic experience of Russian culture and tradition.

Here are some of the reasons that she may insist on getting married in Russia:

The ransom

Yes, you read that right. A ransom is often something that is expected to be ‘paid’ by the groom in order to get her bride. But don’t panic, this is just one of those brilliant Russian traditions that allows the bridesmaids and bride’s family to get involved in some fun ahead of the big day.

The groom may be set challenges by the bridesmaids and will need to complete them in order for them to hand his Russian bride over. But don’t worry, the payment for failing to complete the challenges will be something like flowers or chocolates!

Family and friends

That has probably given you the impression that family and friends are going to play a key part here, and that is absolutely correct. It will be important for your Russian bride to have all of her family and friends at the ceremony. That’s a huge reason for her wanting to be married in Russia.

Russian Traditions

Russian bride

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There are many Russian wedding traditions that will come into play as well. Ceremonies can take one of any number of different formats, from a simply signing of registers through to a blessing by a priest. After each there will be significant receptions for partying and celebrations. More traditions come into play at these events, including a crowning of the couple by a priest and the smashing of crystal glasses by the parents of the married couple.


While bridemaids, ushers and a best man all have a part to play in Russian weddings, there are additional roles of importance as well. One such role is that of a witness. Couple choose two witnesses for their wedding day; each will wear a sash to represent their position. This can be a real honour if you’re selected and is something quite specific to Russian ceremonies. 


Finally, religion may well play a part in her insistence on being married in Russia, so it’s worth taking the time to speak to your Russian bride about this.