How to Talk to a Russian Girl You Like Online?

If you are a man looking for a temporary online fling or long-term relationship with a Russian woman, you should know that talking to them and leaving a positive impression is an art, and may not be as easy as winning over an American or European chick.

beautiful Russian women

Do you want to talk to me?

The first and most obvious step is to concentrate on making a first impression. Brand your online profile, put a recent attractive photo, be open about yourself and share as much personal information as possible. Before striking a conversation, study her profile thoroughly and make sure you are getting involved with the right woman.

Approach her casually and don’t cling on if she acts uninterested. Another key point is to listen first, then talk. Most women love that and will automatically be drawn towards you. Be confident, trust your abilities and don’t act like as if she is out of your league or too good for you. Believe that you are as good as her and make her think you deserve her time and company.

What you should know is the fact that these beautiful Russian women possess the quality of straightforwardness. They are direct and blunt, and don’t expect you to beat around the bush. If you feel like asking them a question, do it, but make sure it’s not offensive or harassing. If you feel like asking for their number, express your thought. Don’t sugarcoat, toss and turn your words, and present them as they form in your head.

Another key tip is that most of these women are educated and intellectual, and instead of chatting about nonsense, prefer talking about thought-provoking matters and current affairs. So, if you really want to hit it up, casually talk about stuff that matters. These women will be more interested in you as a person than in your wealth or the perfect ‘alpha male’ characteristics. Be yourself and show her how you can be a source of love, because these qualities are what Russian women most appreciate and look for in a man.

You could further impress her with your knowledge and love for Russia. Quote love phrases in Russian and talk about Russian culture or literature, or even politics. Make her feel invited. Get a little romantic and tell her how you think you both are meant to be, because that stuff actually works with beautiful Russian women, even if they already have a boyfriend.

Lastly, you don’t want to be too pushy or look desperate because that’s not attractive at all. Give her time and space to come around. If she doesn’t, be open-minded and positive about finding other options in the future. Don’t lose hope.