Perfect ways to celebrate Easter with your Ukrainian bride

Easter is coming and it’s a great time to relax, take some time off and enjoy quality time with your Ukrainian bride.

In many parts of the world, Easter is celebrated during Spring and people will often enjoy a four-day holiday or at least some other sort of vacation time. With the weather improving and everyone out to enjoy themselves, it’s a perfect time to enjoy your relationship with your special lady.

So, if you’re looking for something to do with your Ukrainian bride this Easter, then look no further for inspiration than our list below.

Get back outdoors!

Ukrainian woman
I am a very traditional lady!

In much of the western world, Easter coincides with the changing of the seasons. If you’re lucky to have your Ukrainian bride with you, then it’s the perfect time to head back outdoors after the winter and enjoy some quality time together. Take a walk in a park, take a weekend city break or find another way of enjoying the rising temperatures.

Enjoy traditional Easter activities

Whether you’re in your home country or you’ve traveled to be with your Ukrainian bride, Easter is a great opportunity to enjoy some of the traditional Easter festivities. If you’re at home, then she will love to experience what a usual Easter would involve for you. Everything from the church celebration to the eating of chocolate eggs!

If you’re in Ukraine, then be open to trying some of the Ukrainian Easter traditions. This will likely include a special church service. Some Ukrainians will spend all of the Saturday night in the church over Easter weekend, but if this is too much, then an early Sunday morning service will also be held.

Cook her some of traditional Easter food – or do it together!

Food is a key part of Easter celebrations in just about every country where it is celebrated, and Ukraine is no different. Why not research some of the traditional Ukrainian foods that are baked at Easter and make some as a surprise ahead of time?

Ukrainian woman
Let’s bake Paska together!

Alternatively, your Ukrainian bride may love the opportunity to bake some with you. Paska is one of the most popular dishes at Easter in Ukraine – it’s a sweet and quite sticky bread which is also fairly simple to make. Oh, and it’s absolutely delicious! The smell will fill your house!

If you’re not able to cook some, then see if you can buy some traditional food. This will be easier if you’re in Ukraine, but an increasing number of shops specializing in foods from other parts of the world are cropping up, so do some homework locally.

Check out an Easter festival

If you have visited your Ukrainian bride in her own country, then you must check out an Easter festival. Check the local villages, churches, and tourist information websites for details. One example is in Kiev, where the Easter festival in Sophiivska Square is highly recommended!