How to Spend Labour Day with your Ukrainian Girlfriend

How that spring is upon us that means that another big celebration is just around the corner; Labour Day. So, how will you spend Labour Day with your Ukrainian girlfriend this year?

The year has so far thrown a few challenges at us all, to say the least. But as spring continues to bloom for many of us and we head into the month of May, that means that it’s also an opportunity to spend some quality time with your Ukrainian girlfriend.

Ukrainian girlfriend

I’m looking forward to chatting with you!

For America, Australia and several other parts of the world, Friday 1st May will mark Labour Day, a traditional bank holiday and day of celebration. The day will usually be spent with friends, families and loved ones and ordinarily we would be trying to get back outside again.

Due to the current global situation, you may have to do things slightly differently this year. However, it’s important that you still find a way to spend Labour Day with your Ukrainian girlfriend, and luckily, we have a list of great ideas for you to consider.

Here are five ideas:

Meet up online

If you’re not able to be with your Ukrainian girlfriend in-person this Labour Day, it does not mean that you shouldn’t spend time together. Quite the opposite, in fact. Organise a time to meet-up online and spend some quality time talking, laughing and joking with each other. Thanks to modern technology, video calls now make this easier than ever!

Buy her a gift

Whether you’re physically with your Ukrainian girlfriend on Labour Day or not, you should consider a little gift to put a smile on her face. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, in fact, it doesn’t have to cost much at all. Just a little gift, virtual or physical, to show her that you’re thinking of her.

Cook a great meal

Ukrainian girlfriend

How do you prefer to spend time?

In previous years, you may look to head out to your favour bar or restaurant for Labour Day, but that may not be possible this year. So, why not cook the food yourself? Think up a meal that you are comfortable cooking and that you will both like. If you’re feeling confident, why not find the recipe for your Ukrainian girlfriend’s favourite dish?

Play games

A national holiday is a great time to play some games that perhaps you wouldn’t normally have time to enjoy. Again, there are loads of games that you can play online together if you cannot be there in-person, and it will leave your Ukrainian girlfriend feeling happy and loved if you’ve spent the day having fun with her.

Introduce her to friends and family

Why not take Labour Day this year as an opportunity to introduce your Ukrainian girlfriend to your friends and family? Again, this can be done online if needs be, but she will love the fact that you’re including her in family events and gatherings.