How to help your Ukrainian wife deal with the culture shock in the USA

Moving to a new place can be daunting, but if your Ukrainian wife is moving all the way to the USA to live with you, be mindful of how tricky this can be for her.

There are so many challenges that people face when moving to a new country, from language and culture through to social challenges and career changes.

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If your Ukrainian wife is moving from Ukraine to live with you in USA, then you need make sure that you are there to support her and help her deal with the culture shock. The two countries are very different in many ways, so there are so many aspects of everyday life that you will need to help her with.

So, here are some simple tips to help your Ukrainian wife deal with the culture shock of moving to the USA.

Be there for your Ukrainian Wife

Perhaps the most important thing to do when your Ukrainian wife moves to the USA to be with you is that you are there for her, to help her adjust and offer her guidance. You must also be willing to listen to her talk as the early weeks and months will be difficult for her.

Make it easy for her to contact her family

Making sure that she is able to contact her family easily and as frequently as she wants is going to be vital to her wellbeing in the early days of her new life in the USA.

Introduce her to new people

Take time to introduce your new Ukrainian wife to your own family and friends so that she has at least some familiar faces in her new home. Also, see if there are any groups or perhaps Ukrainian communities nearby who she could join or get involved with to begin making her own friends.

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Introduce your Ukrainian wife to US culture

Things such as food and language are going to be significant changes for her, so make sure that you spend time to introduce her to both and find things which she likes and enjoys in her new country. She may benefit from some language lessons as well. These are available online, but if you can find someone locally to deliver these for her then that will help her meet another new person.

Try to get some treats from home

Finally, being away from the things she knows and the things she loves will be tough. So, see if there is a way to get some treats from the Ukraine for her. There may even be local bakeries that do Ukrainian breads of pastries – do your research.