Russian sense of humor: explaining your Russian lady’s jokes

Humour may be one of the most necessary keys to a happy relationship, both between your and your Russian lady but also between her and your family and friends. There may be a number of communication obstacles when you date a Russian lady and sadly, this might mean that her jokes are instantly funny. Whether it is a case that language difficulties get in the way of translation or that there are differences in your sense of humor or cultural awareness, it may be necessary to explain your Russian lady’s jokes. Below is a guide on how best to do this without ruining the humor completely.

Russian lady
I am a kind and funny girl

Be Confident in Your Own Understanding

In order for you to be able to help explain the jokes of your Russian lady to others, you will need to be sure that you understand them yourself. Nationality does not necessarily dictate humor but it’s highly likely that your Russian lady’s culture will have influenced what she finds funny. Take time to understand your Russian lady’s past, her social preferences and the humor of her own friends.

Once you understand what makes your Russian lady laugh from a wider perspective, you will be able to put her jokes into context and explain them to others.

Recognise Her Russian Perspective on Current Affairs

In order for you to understand the humor of your Russian lady and be able to explain it to others, you must acknowledge her foreign perspective on events. For example, she is likely to have a different understanding of opinion of American politics than you. Russian women are usually very headstrong and able to form intelligent responses to world affairs. You may differ in your outlook on current matters, but by seeing her perspective, you will understand her humor much more easily.

Russian lady
I want you to make me laugh

Be Prepared to Translate

Your Russian Lady’s sense of humor may well be quite intellectual and so you may find that you need to explain the Russian language in order for her jokes to be understood. Be prepared for plays on words, innuendo and puns to be at the heart of the humor of your Russian lady’s jokes. This means that if you are in a group of English speakers, you may need to translate Russian language in order for humor to be understood by all.

You will probably find that your friends and family find your Russian lady’s jokes all the more funny for the effort that goes in to translating them.

Don’t Be easily Offended

Russian women are well known for their strength of character and direct communications., This is true too of their sense of humour. You may find that your Russian lady makes you the target of her jokes. Rather than be easily offended, recognises that this is a sign of the strength of your relationship and her confidence in you. Don’t apologise for your Russian lady’s humour but ensure your friends understand that she means no malice if her jokes come across as mean.

Remember that your Russian lady may make you the target of her joviality but this is a sign of her commitment to you and her comfort in you. If she wasn’t’t sure of your bond, she wouldn’t feel confident enough to jest about you. Take her comments in good humor and don’t be afraid to play back.