Celebrate World Blonde Day with your fair Ukrainian lady

If you’re lucky enough to have a fair-haired Ukrainian lady, then World Blondes Day could just be the most important day to celebrate this year.

Taking place at the end of May, this relatively new holiday is designed to celebrate blondes around the world. In some countries, it was actually created as a charitable way of raising money and today it continues to be just that. In others, it’s an opportunity to celebrate everything that is great about people with blonde hair.

Ukrainian woman
Blonde girls are the best ones!

There are many great ways that you can celebrate World Blonde Day with your Ukrainian lady. Whether you want to celebrate her beautiful looks and personality or simply have some fun raising money, this is a great time to do it.

Here are a few ideas of ways that you and your Ukrainian lady can celebrate World Blonde Day together this May.

Attend a fundraising event

Originally setup to raise money for charities such as those increasing breast cancer awareness, there are many fundraising initiatives that you can get involved in together. From fun runs to village events, whether you’re in Ukraine or your home country there will be things you can get involved in.

Attend a Blonde Day event

In some parts of Ukraine, as well as elsewhere in Europe, World Blonde Day is celebrated with particular events, such as a ‘blonde parade’. Make your Ukrainian lady feel part of it all by accompanying here to one of these events.

Treat her to something special

Ukrainian woman
Do you like my blond hair?

If your Ukrainian lady is blonde, then make her aware that you want to celebrate this unique day with her. Celebrate everything that is great about her and make her feel special by treating her to a special day out, evening meal or something else that she loves to do.

Enjoy time with friends

If your Ukrainian lady has a circle of friends that she enjoys doing things with, then maybe help her to organize something with them? Especially if her friends are blonde, you may want to consider a blonde party? Those who aren’t blonde haired could wear wigs to join in the fun atmosphere.

Watch a movie with a blonde leading lady

Another great way of celebrating blonde hair is to settle down and watch a movie with your Ukrainian lady. Think of a great film that features a blonde leading lady, for example, what about Legally Blonde? The perfect film for the occasion.