Celebrate Russia Day with your Russian wife

Having a Russian wife means that you must take the time to learn about Russian culture and adopt some traditions into your life to ensure that you have a harmonious and fair relationship. One of the most important annual events to celebrate with your Russian wife is Russia Day, the national holiday of the Russian Federation.

Russia Day is celebrated on the 12th June each year and has been a day of festivities for Russian women and their families since 1992. Be sure to observe this important date with your Russian wife and engage in the history, meaning and party atmosphere with her. Below are some suggestions of great ways to celebrate Russia Day with your Russian bride.

Russian wife
Let’s watch fireworks!


Fireworks are an integral part of all Russia Day celebrations and what could be more romantic than observing your Russian wife’s culture whilst cuddling up under a colourful night sky? Most Russian cities will have elaborate firework displays and so if you’re in the country, take your Russian wife to a show, or if you’re staying at home, prepare a smaller display of your own.

Perhaps consider inviting your friends over and encourage your Russian lady to tell them about her home country, traditions and the importance of the event.

Eat Traditional Russian Dishes with your Russian Wife

Whether you cook the favourite foods of your Russian lady or she cooks some traditional dishes, eating Russian food on Russia Day is essential in order to enjoy an authentic experience. Consider indulging in Russian delicacies, treats or even attempt to eat some of the more obscure Russian foods. Take the opportunity to try something new and enjoy some laughs with your Russian wife as she forces you to try anything from kholodets (meat jelly) through to salo (raw pig fat). It may not be the most enjoyable party food, but you’re sure to have a memorable experience!

Study State Award Recipients

One of the traditional celebratory acts that are carried out in Russia for Russia Day is for writers, humanitarians and scientists to receive state awards. Build your knowledge of the recipients of the award and this gives you a great foundation to speak to your Russian wife about her country’s culture and the achievers that she favours the most. This is also a great conversational topic for your Russian lady’s family and friends and you’ll build your own Russian skills and understanding through this.

Take in a Pageantry with your Russian Wife

russian wife
I want to be your Russian Wife!

If you’re visiting Russian during Russia Day, speak to your Russian wife about attending one of the many famed pageantries that occur throughout the country. You’ll enjoy spectacles such as acrobatics, music, crafts, dancing, singing and pyrotechnics. Sometimes, these pagentaries attracts artists from all over the world and so you’re sure to have a breathtaking experience with your Russian lady, one that you’ll both remember for years to come.

Study the History

Many Russians, including your Russian wife maybe, consider Russia Day to be the country’s Independence Day. This isn’t actually the case as no official documents stated this. However, Russia Day is hugely important as far as the history of the country goes and so it’s important that you take some time to understand its significance and to appreciate what the day and context mean to your Russian wife. Talk openly about her feelings and what she understands of her country’s history and even interlock this with how the event was reported in your country to give you a shared understanding.