5 Ideas to Celebrate St. Valentine’s Day with Your Ukrainian Girlfriend

Ukrainian Girlfriend

Haven’t you planned anything for the St. Valentine’s Day already? Then you should get inspired by these ideas to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in style with your Ukrainian girlfriend.

Surprise Her with a Different Date Night

Going to a restaurant on Valentine’s is a staple. But if there is something you should know about Ukrainian women is that they hate staples. Instead of indulging yourself in culinary temptations, why don’t you plan a different date night?

Ukrainian Girlfriend

Do you believe in love at first sight?

You could take her to a museum, cinema, or even to the zoo. Wandering through the streets of the city, searching the quirkiest caf? around is another great idea for a Valentine’s like no other.

Do Something You’ve Dreamt For a Long Time

How long have you dreamt of going somewhere just the two of you? Or perhaps you’ve been dreaming of something more adventurous, such as bungee jumping or the “fly of the angel” zip wire experience?

Whatever it is, your adventurous Ukrainian girlfriend will most likely want to join you. After all, such activities equal the perfect Valentine’s Day for most Ukrainian ladies.

Declare Your Love Publicly

If you want her to fall head over heels for you, declare your love publicly. How? Send her a gift or flowers at her workplace. Stop in the middle of the street and kiss her. If you’ve been together for quite some time and you’re convinced that she’s “the one,” go to a crowded place, kneel down, and ask her to be your wife.

Plan a Second First Date

Another way to plan a unique Valentine’s that will leave her speechless is by planning a second “first” date. Just do the exact same things you did the first time you met once again. Meet her in the same place, take her to the same restaurant or caf?, and do everything you did on that first day.

Ukrainian Girlfriend

Do you want to be my Valentine?

This is a nice way to recall fond memories, not to say that it’s near impossible to plan a more romantic night.

Send Her Nice Gifts

International dating comes with many challenges, and maybe you’re not able to be close to your beloved one this Valentine’s. Nothing to worry, though. You can spoil your Ukrainian girlfriend even from a distance.

An easy way to make her feel special is to send flowers or other small gifts. You could send her plane tickets to a place where she can meet you. In the end, there are many ways to surprise your girlfriend even from a distance. Let your creativity run wild, and you’ll surely find the best way to celebrate St. Valentine’s with your Ukrainian girlfriend either together or from miles apart.