5 Best New Year’s Gifts for Your Russian Lady

Russian Lady

Your Russian lady invited you to your first Russian Christmas? Or perhaps you planned a romantic getaway for the holidays. Regardless of where you’re spending the day, all Russian women expect a new year’s gift from their loved ones – partner included. If you don’t know what to get, here are a few unbeatable ideas.

Designer’s Perfume

Perhaps you know that personal things, such as perfumes, should never be gifted. However, things are slightly different when dating a Russian woman. Ladies in Russia love to try new fragrances, so you’ll never go wrong with a designer’s perfume.

Russian Lady

Let’s make our dreams come true!

However, keep in mind that you should choose a famous brand. Houses like Chanel, Givenchy, Armani, or Dior are your best bets.

Fashion Accessories

Alongside perfumes, fashion accessories are also awesome gifts for Russian women. Again, your best bet is to pick something created by a renowned designer or fashion icon. If you don’t know what to pick, a gift card to a designer’s store or fashion boutique can save the day.

A Handmade Gift

If you’re the creative kind, a handmade gift will surely help you say ‘I love you’ in style. For example, if you’re an artist at heart, you can draw her portrait or paint something for her. You could write a poem or create a short story where you two are the main characters.

Russian Lady

I’m waiting for my prince!

You could also learn some Russian and make a video confessing your feelings for her. Nothing would be more romantic than such a love declaration.

Romantic Trip

A thing to know about Russian women is that they love to travel. So, if you’re spending the New Year’s at home – either hers or yours – tickets to somewhere far away could be the best gifts.

If you don’t want to book the trip in advance, just book it together while celebrating the New Year. In this way, you can even let her pick the destination.

Tickets to a Concert

Not as romantic as a getaway but still a great excuse to tour the world, tickets to a concert can be a great replacement for a trip. Perhaps you know already who’s her favorite singer or band. A simple search on the internet can reveal where they are performing, and you can simply surprise her with the tickets.

No matter your choice, always remember that the best New Year’s gift for your Russian lady – and for any other woman, as a matter of fact – is an engagement ring. So, if you’re sure she’s the one, what are you waiting for? You can never fail with a diamond.