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I have to say I love It has brought me so much joy. I have met lots of stunning ladies with interesting personalities. Ladies I would never normally have met. What I really like about the website is that it does exactly what it says, it's really easy to meet lots of lovely ladies whether through the date a lady feature or just chat with them and even meet them, all of which…

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Jason, Alabama, the USA
February 2016

I think everyone knows that a Russian wife is a 3 in 1 type of woman: an attractive lady, a diligent worker and a loving mother. After some doubts I started chatting with one of the ladies at and she opened up a completely new world for me, really! Many thanks to OneWife team!

Giuseppe, Italy
February 2016

I joined OneWife because when I looked around at different dating sites especially the ones for Russian ladies, none of them really appealed, except It has everything you could ask for from a dating site. Lots of available ladies, lots of features and anything else you could want. I joined 6 months ago and have not looked back since. It's been brilliant.

Harry, Canada
February 2016

I’m a businessman and I often have trips to Ukraine. So why not mix business with pleasure? I decided to order Date a Lady service on OneWife, and your team helped me to choose the lady and arranged the whole stuff. Everything was brilliant!

Vlado, Croatia
January 2016

For me anything that helps me meet a potential partner is a good idea. At they really go out of their way to help. They arranged a phone introduction, which went really well and certainly made a huge difference. Add to that all the other extra features and the huge number of ladies on the site and to be honest it was an easy decision to join. 

Tim, Georgia, the USA
January 2016

I’ve been working hard for last couple of years as I bring up my daughter alone. And I hadn’t much time for hanging out and falling in love, you know, was too busy for that. One day I understood I needed a wife. I found your site quite fast and got into chatting at once with one of the ladies! I hope this will turn into something serious for us both!

Aleksander, Slovenia
January 2016

I am always nervous about meeting ladies, but when I found out that offered a phone introduction option, that was what made the decision for me. I have used the service twice now and met some lovely interesting ladies, one of which I am meeting in the next month, so if you're unsure about whether to join, there is no need. You will love it!

Matthias, Iceland
January 2016

I met many dating sites in the Internet, but they all seemed to me difficult and at the same time empty in content. But I visited the site by chance and stuck to it, really! I liked its easy interface and its features, especially Flowers & Gifts! We’re all romantic in nature and with you I could show it to my lady!

Francis, Ireland
January 2016

I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of all this online dating stuff as it always seemed to me something out of my actual interests, so to say. But everyone needs a caring and tender mate, but not everyone has possibilities to date everyday. But with the help of I got rid of the stereotypes and met my sweetheart! 

Rogers, South Africa
January 2016

Of course, the older you are, the harder it is to find a perfect match. But there’s a solution and not only for those who are over their forties. helped me a lot to find my special one!

Francesco, Luxembourg
January 2016

Just some time ago it was a problem to talk to a foreign girl. But with the help of your best interpreters from I can order phone introduction service and meet my lovely one! It really broadens my mind, thanks!

Gustav, Germany
January 2016

Your Date a Lady service is awesome! Last week I had a business trip to Ukraine and decided to try this feature for the first time. All the date arrangements were provided by the site administration and were of very high quality. The first date with a gorgeous Ukrainian lady was fantastic! Thanks to!

Glen, Belgium
December 2015

The video call feature on the website really made the difference. Don't get me wrong messaging is fine, but when talking on video you really get to know the person properly. I couldn't believe how easy it was to chat to lots of women on the site and I would spend hours talking to lots of different women. It was so much fun.

Clive, New Zealand
December 2015

The 2way video chat was what really settled it for me. It gave me the opportunity to speak to lots of stunning ladies. Women that I would never have met without being a member of this website. The new found confidence I now have is amazing and I owe it all to you. Thanks.

Shannon, Florida, the USA
December 2015

I used to think that if you are 40 and you are single you are doomed to stay alone for the rest of your life. Fortunately I was wrong. With the help of the site I managed to meet a lady who is interested in me. We are going to meet in real life soon. Hope everything will be great. 

Miguel, Spain
November 2015