What is Date Me Service?

Our Date Me service is a menu option for the authorized users of This service allows you to meet any girl you choose, if she is interested and gives her consent to meet you too. This service is always open and not dependent on whether you have previously corresponded with this lady or not. You may always apply to Customer Support on our site to request and arrange a personal meeting with a woman in the city where she lives. will be in charge of all the date arrangements, such as time and place of the meeting, and as always will provide you with the support of an interpreter -if you need one.

If you have already been in correspondence with your lady for some time, a meeting in person would be the next important step and give you the opportunity to more fully disclose the extent of your feelings and build a stronger and deeper relationship.

Even if you haven’t had any previous correspondence with the lady, you may still request a date. Some customers find this to be romantic and exciting and relish the chance to find a future love in a gorgeous stranger! Love at first sight? Why not?! It can certainly happen, and you maybe one who can say: “I have found love in you, and found you in the search for love!”

 However, from a more down-to-earth and practical point of view, we would definitely recommend you send at least a few messages before requesting a meeting and arranging a date in real life. Giving your lady a few details about yourself and your life will certainly improve your chances of gaining the lady’s interest and approval in return.

Don’t miss your opportunity to meet the perfect lady to communicate and be with or the chance to set up that first date with the wonderful girl you are interested in meeting as soon as possible! Once you experience how our services can assist you in your search for a partner, you will come to see how much time and effort you wasted in the past in your search for the right person and how far you really were from ever finding your mate!

Order “Date Me” right now!

How does it work?

All dates are generally held in the lady’s hometown and you can request a meeting with the lady/ladies of your choice via Customer Support on You need only to provide us with the time and date when you would ideally like to have your first meeting. Our managers will then contact the lady and ask her approval. If the time and date you suggest are not suitable for her, she will suggest another and we will pass this information on to you. When all has been mutually agreed upon, you will receive approval and then can prepare for your first date! Let the adventure begin!!

 Of course, we know you are likely unfamiliar with the city in which you’ve landed, but our service managers know the areas and locales and will recommend the most suitable places for that special first meeting! It can be a cozy and quiet cafe or a small restaurant with a pleasant calm atmosphere and tasty food. However, if either of you or both of you feel too shy to move right away to a more romantic atmosphere and would prefer to meet in a more formal setting to start, the OneWife agency office can easily be used for your first meeting point!

Whatever your needs and preferences, we’ll make the supreme effort to create a free and comfortable atmosphere for that first successful meeting that will be the basis on which to enjoy further dates and build a meaningful relationship with your future partner!

What are the costs?

  • We charge $99 as an administrative fee for Date Me Service. It includes the complete organization and confirmation of the date with a lady. Since you inform us about your desire to meet a lady, our agency will be responsible for every moment and change in this organization as well as adjusting any possible problems.
  •  Date Me service is scheduled for 1 hour minimum and consists of: your introduction to the lady and one bonus hour of professional interpretation services.
  • If you, your lady and an interpreter agree to continue the meeting, it can last for unlimited time and you will be charged $15 per hour of interpretation, excluding capital cities, Odessa, Ukraine and St. Peterburg, Russia.*

* Please, keep in mind that the cost of one interpreting hour in all the capital cities, Odessa and St. Petersburg is $20 per hour.

  • If your lady has a good knowledge of English and both of you decide not to use the interpreting service, you can have a date without an interpreter. Total cost will be $99 per introduction.
  • Introduction fee acts on prepayment basis. We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX) or Western Union Money Transfer.
  • If the date is approved, but your lady fails to meet you, the introduction fee will be refunded.
  • If the date and time fixed by you is inconvenient for the lady, she may suggest her own ones, and we will inform you within 24 hours about them. In this case, no extra fees will be required and your initial deposit will be used only when a meeting with the lady begins.
  • If you de­cide to can­cel your reserved service, you're wel­come to do so by informing our Customer Support. Please note:
    • If you can­cel the service no lat­er than 48 hours be­fore the sche­d­uled time, the pre­pay­ment for the service will be re­fund­ed to your ac­count* in full;
    • If you can­cel the service no lat­er than 24 hours be­fore the sche­d­uled time, 50% of your pre­pay­ment will be re­fund­ed to your ac­count.
    • If you inform our Customer Support later than 24 before the scheduled time or won’t inform at all, your prepayment won’t be refunded.
  • The first meeting can be rescheduled by you or by a lady. There is no extra fee for rescheduling a date.

How to request a Date?

Date Me reservation is accessible only for registered users of

  • Log in to
  • Choose a lady you would like to meet
  • Click on Date Me link in the lady’s profile
  • Date Me Reservation Form will appear. Please, fill it out providing us with the name and ID of the lady(s) you would like to meet, as well as the possible dates and time for the meeting. Then press the “Send” button. Your message will be immediately forwarded to our administrator who will contact you within next 24 hours.
  • Please, allow us for some time to arrange a meeting for you and the lady of your choice. We need some time to have everything agreed. That is why we would ask you to provide us with the filled out “Date Me” Reservation Form not less than 3 days before the expected date of the meeting.
  • If the lady accepts your invitation for the meeting and agrees on your date and time, we will send you “Date Me” Reservation Confirmation.
  • If the scheduled date and time is inconvenient for the lady, she may suggest her own ones, and we will send you a letter with the new arrangements.
  • You may either accept the new suggested date and time or offer another one.
  • When  you and your lady agree on the date and time of the meeting that will be convenient for both of you, you will receive “Date Me” Reservation Confirmation
  • After everything is agreed get ready for the date!

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