Hi there!
I am very happy that you exist! Thanks to your agency, I succeeded to find my soul mate and now we want to foster our relationship but in a real life. Soon Irina will move to Germany, my country and we will be able to live happily together.
Christian, Germany
January 2014

Hi there!

I would like to share my positive experience with my successful trip to Odessa. As a result, I have found my only one woman Olga and now we are thinking of living together in my home-town Lyon. Thanks for your help. Now I believe that miracles happen! 

Philippe, France
December 2013

Hi OneWife Team!

I am happy to share a great experience about my trip to Kharkov this October. I have never thought that just one trip would turn my life around. I have met my bride Elena there and now we are a happy family. Thanks you, dear stuff, for your support and perfect time spent in Ukraine! 

Remi, France
December 2013

Hello dear Staff,

I want to thank you, my friends from OneWife agency, for a great support in my phone conversation with Olga from Kharkov. The translation services were extremely helpful and professional. The atmosphere within the talk was more than comfortable. So, my virtual date went perfect and I can’t wait to come back again to hear the voice of my darling! 

Olivier, France
November 2013

Hi there!

I  just wanna say a couple of words about my trip to Donetsk. Thanks to you, guys, I and my honey Elena spent a perfect time together.  All the services offered by your agency were just great! I’m completely in love with Elena and couldn’t be much happier than now.

Achim, Germany
November 2013

Hi  OneWife!

 Thanks much for assisting in the conversation over the phone. You can’t even imagine how I was happy to hear the voice of my darling. She wasn’t so good at English but your professional translator helped much and the talk passed off smoothly.

Guenter, Austria
November 2013


I’m writing you from Uppsala, Sweden. I’m a regular client of services of this trusted agency. What I liked best is prices and quality of services. Live Chat and Phone Introduction left me impressed and I really liked this comfort form of communication. Currently I am chatting to my honey and waiting for our next conversation. A special thanks to a high professional interpreter! 

Lars, Sweden
November 2013

Dear Administration,

Thank you for your great job! You are very good at keeping your clients happy. All the services that I use with you are always fully provided, the organization is perfect. These days my special attention goes to live video chat, and 2 way live video chat too.  These are the services that allow me to feel so close to the lady I chat with here, and develop our love story too.

Rene, The Netherlands
November 2012

Hello, onewife,

Just a few words on your 2 way live video chat.. that was a great idea of yours  to add it to your site; you see, I am an honest person and I want to be honest from the very beginning with any lady I meet here. So, now with 2 way live video translation a lady can see my face and what I look like. I love to be real and I want to find…

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Tatumi, Japan
November 2012

Greetings and many thanks to onewife.com administration! Thank you for being so prompt in answering my questions and for developing your live chat service. It has been great from the very beginning and it is even greater now with live video chat you added. I knew it before that you have the best and the most sincere and honest ladies on your site; now I can see this with my own eyes. Girls are amazing; hope my…

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Allan, Denmark
November 2012

Dear One Wife staff,

I do love being a member of your site and using your services, I am so much satisfied with it. I must admit that I found 2-way live video chat to be a really precious thing!  With your new technology my virtual meeting with my lady here are just like dates in reality. I am glad I can smile for her now. 

Yoshio, Japan
November 2012


My experience with chatting online in live chat is a very positive one. I have been using the site and the chat for more then eight months already, and I can say this site provides with the most convenient chatting system. Live video chat is great too. The interface is very friendly; the massaged are delivered fast. So, many thanks from me!

Carol, Poland
November 2012

Dear sirs,

Many thanks for your professional service and help to organize a phone call with my lady. The translator was amazing and tactful us a lot not only to understand each other’s words, but also to “hear” each other, which is highly important. Indeed, I had no special expectations, but the phone call was perfectly organized; I and my lady enjoyed it and we feel it will help us to develop our relationship.

Pascal, France
November 2012

Hello guys, 

You have the best live chat service ever!  Thank you for your work and for what you are doing for your clients. I love chatting with girls in your live chat as it is fast, easy and modern. Your girls are cool too! Seriously, one can hardly find such a number of serious and sincere ladies in one place!

Anthony, Sweden
November 2012

Thank you very much for rendering a fantastic phone call service. I had the opportunity to speak to my dear lady and can only vouch very positive on the way it was handled by the translator. She did a phenomenal job and helped us to communicate effectively. My regards to the lady - she did very well.

Pierre, South Africa
May 2012

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