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The interpreter has been great through this whole experience. She was of great help and did her job well. During the phone call, I could speak to my Ukrainian lady and I knew she knew exactly what I meant. This made me quite happy. Thanks, Maria and all staff, too.

Matt, Australia
July 2016

Best dating site ever! Here I managed to find what I was looking for! An amazing lady from Nikolaev who is ready for creating a family with me. Looks like my dream to be happy is coming true. I am very grateful to your service!

Martin, Norway
June 2016

My divorce brought me to this site. I was looking for a better, more sophisticated woman to be happy again. And I had success! I cannot wait to meet my lady in real life. Thank you for helping me find my Yana.

Elmer, the UK
June 2016

I'm very satisfied over Anna and the Interpreter Elena.

Rickard, Sweden
June 2016

Fantastic dating portal! So convenient and easy! I even didn’t have to search for ladies for a long time – I signed up and received some letters after a while. One lady from Poltava caught my attention and now we chat every day. She is really special for me. Finding her was a smile of fortune. Thanks for it!

Luciano, Italy
June 2016

Not being able to speak to women without stuttering, I knew online dating was the only way for me to meet someone. I tried other sites, but nothing worked. I decided I needed a guarantee and signed up for Onewife. 100% satisfaction guarantee and only good experience. Recommend your service to everyone.

Kyle, New York, the USA
June 2016

I was curious about the difference between European and Russian women, so I decided to try a Russian mail order bride website. You know, I was surprised. Russian ladies are much nicer, friendlier and unlike most career-oriented European ladies they are really ready to create a family! Now my biggest wish is to meet my soulmate finally as I am so tired of being lonely! No doubts, that this will be a lady from…

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Morten, Denmark
June 2016

When I was offered by my friend to try your website, I thought why not go for it? I didnt mind to meet a kind and nice lady who could become my life partner. I pocked which country, her age and height and the site delivered. Yana was on the first place and I even didnt pay attention to other ladies. We have great chat sessions and I am getting ready to visit her country soon.…

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Ian, the USA, Georgia
June 2016

Hi, dear team!

Your site is fantastic! I am delighted and glad that I’ve found you. I have never known that an online dating site can be so great and that I would spend so much time there talking to ladies. I am sure that my search for my future wife will end here successfully.

Werner S., your devoted client.

Werner, Switzerland
June 2016

Dear OneWife,

I have fallen in love. I was swept off my feet by a beautiful, intelligent Ukrainian woman. I never thought a woman like her would ever come into my life. The first time we spoke felt as though we knew each other our whole lives. Thank you for introducing me to the woman of my dreams.

With love,


Nicolas, Australia
June 2016

I would like to say Thank you for your flowers delivery service. It would be rather difficult to send a bunch of flowers to my lady, who is in the Ukraine, without you. She was happy to receive them and I had a chance to show her how much she means for me. Thanks for helping us get closer to each other.

Daan, the Netherlands
May 2016

I’d never found anyone I wanted to be with until I joined your website. In the last month I’ve spoken to lots of women in the hope of finding my perfect match. I might not have found the best one yet but I’m having a good time talking to interesting and cute ladies. I am sure I’ll find my dream lady very soon.

Ethan, Australia
May 2016

I am your long-time customer and I have never had any troubles with using your website. Now, I am happy to tell you that I have finally met my best lady! She is amazing – beautiful, nice, caring and clever – I was waiting to find her for all my life! I am so grateful to you for helping me! You are the best! Thank you, guys!

Simon, Denmark
May 2016

Being on this website has been such a surprise. Finding great people like Inga after only 2 days was the best part. We met in video chat on the site and since then talk almost every single day. She is my soul mate and I love to be online and talk to her as much as possible. Thanks for helping me with it.

Dale, the USA, Utah
May 2016

Hey, dear team, I just wanted to say you a big “thank you” for all your work and help. With you I have met a nice lady from Poltava and I think I am ready to start relationship with her. This wouldn’t be possible without you, guys. I am very grateful to you!

Dietrich, Switzerland
May 2016