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Horoscope of Julieta Fernanda from Buenos Aires

Julieta Fernanda is Taurus (April 21st May 21st)

Horoscope describes Julieta Fernanda as loyal and dedicated. Once she fixes her attention on something (or someone) all of her energies are poured into achieving her goal. This is very little that will deter her from her end objective. Morality is important to Julieta Fernanda and she may seem somewhat old-fashioned at first.

It isnt always easy to snare the heart of the Taurus woman. Although she enjoys the company of the opposite sex, it takes something extraordinary to persuade her to enter a liaison. Sincere compliments may influence her somewhat, but nothing will turn her off more quickly than insincerity. She is never careless when it comes to love. She will carefully weigh all the potential outcomes before committing herself to a lover.

Once she does however, magic can happen. Although the Taurus woman will likely have a strong sex drive, infidelity would never cross her mind. A single lover is all she wants and all she can handle. She is always sensual and easily pleased, but will never offer her physical affections, instead preferring to wait until asked. Contact Julieta Fernanda from Buenos Aires using services.

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