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Hello there!

Using services of this site is a delightful experience. Video Chat is the one that I enjoy the most as I can switch it on whenever I want to. I’d advise everyone to check it out. It’s totally worth it.

Fredrick, Sweden
July 2015


I like the chatting service on your site, I enjoy it every time I chat with beautiful ladies of your site. I have always known that Asian ladies are my favorites. I truly hope that one of them will agree to become my wife soon.

Ewan, Austria
June 2015

Dear agency,

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to talk to Svetlana over the phone. Of course I mostly talked to the translator but she managed to keep the conversation as if I had spoken to Svetlana herself. I would like to compliment on your phone call service and to express my deepest gratitude in this regard.

Jarkko, Finland
June 2015

I love your site, espacially your live video chat! It is the best option to communicate in my mind, always glad to see my Ukrainian beauty online.

Peter, Germany
June 2015


I should say that I was really surprised by your site and your attitude to customers. It’s obvious that you do your best to concentrate on fulfilling your clients’ needs and making them happy. I am one of these happy clients and I say thank you so much!

Greg, Belgium
June 2015

Thanks for a quick delivery of the gift I ordered for Elena. It was a great surprise for her and she was so happy. I would recommend this service to anyone. It is great when you can make a nice gift for your woman even if you are miles away from her.

Derick, Denmark
June 2015


Your website is absolutely amazing! So many beautiful women and they are all single. Thanks for providing such a huge database. Finally I have found a website that I totally like!

Ruud, Netherlands
May 2015

I'm not going to say much as it won't help any better. I enjoy the option allowing me to launch live video during a chat anytime I want as well as stop it. It gives me new opportunities in the online dating!

Hendric, Switzerland
April 2015

I and my fiancé decided to go on a romance tour. It’s impossible to describe our experience in several words only, but the main 4 words that come to my mind would be – extraordinary, wonderful, exotic, and delightful. The arrangement of the trip was very fast and well-organized. I strongly believe that this was a refreshment of our relationship, just before the Big Day. Thank You

Jim, the USA
April 2015

Simple but apprehensive layout of the site attracts me. I like when you feel comfortable surfing the internet so nothing can distract you from the main goal – communicating. Plenty of women’ profiles give me the ability to choose carefully. I appreciate your work!

Clyde, Norway
April 2015

Sometimes I login to the website and after I press the “Search” button, I don’t see girls – I see jewelries and precious stones. How come you have the most beautiful ladies online in here? More incredibly, with regards to the Phone Introduction – the lady wanted to hear my voice, I didn’t have to spend decades dating until we reach that. I didn’t know Russian women are so passionate – check! I will remember that from now on. Bravo – You are the Best!

Jonas, Finland
April 2015

Services here are rather well provided. I have ordered a video call several times and the staff would do everything they could to make the call perfect unless some extraordinary cases arise. Life is unpredictable, the lady had had her plans changed and couldn’t take part in the video call, nevertheless the staff warned me and made their apologies. I do appreciate such an attitude.

Gerhardt, Germany
April 2015

What makes you special is the way you control and manage ladies’ profiles. Each profile is not only a succession of words describing features (though there are some), but it is a whole story of a person. This makes me feel that I’m reading a book, I imagine each lady vividly! 

Luca, Italy
April 2015

Good day! To all those who haven’t tried the 2-way-video chat yet. It worth the money you pay for it. It’s so much fun by the way; I couldn’t imagine that I’ll be so delighted. Both of you can see each other, and the absence of voice communication doesn’t ruin the chat but on the contrary it makes it even better and more intimate. Great!

Tony, Spain
March 2015

I enjoy most of the things here, there are some drawbacks though to my mind, but its not the case. Of course isnt the only one dating-site in the world, but it happened so that I found someone special here, unfortunately her English is far too worse than it was in her profile. But Im stubborn and that always proved to be good with me. So Ive ordered your English lessons service. Looking forward…

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Tom, New Zealand
March 2015