Lady of the week

Paula Julia, 32

Hi guys!

As far as I can remember, since childhood I have loved photography and posing for the camera! My mother was my main and favorite photographer. Over the years, my hobby grew into something more and became my favorite job.

You shouldnít think that photography is very easy; in fact, it is a great art to learn to feel the camera lens. But in these moments I feel light and forget about everything. Perhaps this was my calling?)


Anna, 34


Iím Anna and Iím open and ambitious. I will not be broken by obstacles on the way to set my goals.

I have a lot of plans and interests. I want to share some of them with my partner.

For example, I love to play board games. I have so many games in my own collection. I often invite my friends for playing something interesting to my place. Do you have a favorite game?

Flavia, 26

Hi ev≠ery≠one!

The most important thing in a relationship is not just passion and desire, but also care and confidence. It's knowing that they value you, that they wonít let you go, that they take responsibility for you, that they'll protect you from any troubles, and simply want to be there for you. Nothing can replace the value of those moments when you're hugged with care and held tightly.


Lyudmila, 23

Hi Darling,

I want to say everything very briefly... But at the same time, beautifully juicy and tasty)) After all, thatís exactly who I am.

Thereís so much life seething inside me... Young and energetic. And I can be yours. Why should we waste time? Just look at me, because I will become your guide to the passion of love and happiness.

Are you ready to introduce a little frankness into your life?


Alena, 27

Hello! My name is Alena.

I am a real traveler by heart. There is nothing better for me than to go to unfamiliar places and discover new cultures, people and natural wonders. In my life, every journey becomes a unique adventure that leaves a mark in my heart forever.

Aleksandra, 26

Hi guys! My name is Aleksandra.

My hobbies are dancing and acting. I started it when I was 6 years old. It has been my hobby for many years now. I have always been an introvert, shy at nature, and for someone like me, dance and acting are the best form of expression of the body, mind, and soul. I go to the local studio a few times a week.

I have lots of friends in our theater group.

Being able to portray someone really appeals to me and I love doing it. Acting is the art of telling a story in an exciting and engaging way.

I really enjoy performing at various concerts and festivals.

What about dancing... There is a popular belief that every woman should be able to dance. This point of view seems very correct, because I think that plasticity and grace are the main components of female attractiveness. Do you agree with me?

Christina, 39

Hi! How are you?

A trip to a new world with the one you love? New feelings and emotions? This is what I am looking for and I will do my best to make it a reality. I love traveling and discovering new places, countries, and new people. We can join forces to do it together, do you want to?

Hoping for your step in my direction,


Gabriela, 22

Hello, my sweetheart.

Everyone needs happiness in life, right? And it's different for each person. My happiness is to create a strong family and to enjoy my hobby. I do dancing and it brings me a lot of pleasure. I hope that you will enjoy my hobby too.

How I dance, you can see on the video, tell me, what do you feel when you look at me? What emotions do you think my dance conveys. Text me and I'll tell you what I wanted to show you with my body movement......

Sending you air kisses.

Zule, 29

Hi! How are you?

Ever wondered why I look so fresh? Well, it's simple: I focus on positive thoughts, always staying optimistic. But for complete happiness, I need a faithful and sweet male companion. With that, I believe I'll find true, lasting joy.


Neiris, 25

Hello! My name is Neiris.

I'm a happy woman who just wrapped up my studies in professional nursing. Now, I'm on the hunt for the perfect country to specialize in. To celebrate my graduation and the adventures waiting ahead, I've decided to rent a yacht. Super excited about what the future holds!

Maria Gabriela, 39

Hi there!

I really like to spend time with health benefits. Therefore, I often go to the gym and also help other people. I like that I can be better thanks to the exercises, which also make my body more sculpted and elastic. Athletic women can be more flexible and active, which also helps in relationships. My morning does not start with coffee, but with a run near my house in the park. It's so invigorating, just amazing. Maybe someday we try doing it together?))

Maria Gabriela

Olga, 42

Hi ev≠ery≠one!

There are many lonely hearts in this world, and you've just met one of them. I consider myself kind and sympathetic, always choosing my words carefully and treating others with respect.

I'm an active individual who never gets bored, always knowing what I want. If you look at my photos, you'll get a glimpse of my appearance. While I appreciate compliments, I firmly believe that inner beauty outweighs external appearances.

Speaking of interests, I have quite a few hobbies. I love watching movies, especially in English as it helps me improve my language skills. Netflix is a favorite, with thrillers, historical, and real-life stories topping my list. These genres really engage my mind, providing both happiness and relaxation.

In my opinion, hobbies go beyond the typical cooking or sports. Hanging out with friends is also a cherished pastime, contingent on shared interests. Engaging in group activities not only brings joy but also offers various health benefits.

Are you a sociable person? Do you have a close-knit group of friends? How do you prefer spending your time with them?

Sincerely, Olga!

Juraiwan, 29

Hello! My name is Juraiwan.

I'm calling to you "SAVE ME, HELP ME, I'm drowning ..."

And I want to tell you that I've almost drowned more than once in my life (((( That's why I'm wearing a life jacket. Isn't that amazing coming from a girl who lives on the coast? But I'm not ashamed to admit my fear. Are you ashamed to admit your weaknesses?

I believe our weaknesses are our strengths. Don't you agree?

Would you like me to be your weakness and your strength at the same time?

And as you will have†realized, I have a life jacket on and I'm not afraid to jump in the water so why did I say, "SAVE ME, HELP ME"? So that you will save me from my loneliness. Are you ready to do that?

Sor Milena, 36

Hello! How are you?

I think that a healthy relationship begins with a healthy body, so my main hobby is sports and taking care of my figure. Besides that, I'm passionate about traveling too and I like to do this as often as I can. I think it's a great opportunity to learn as much as possible about other countries and about my native country too. And it will be a huge advantage in my search for a relationship because I won't limit myself to one country and I can easily travel to my beloved who I will find here wherever he is ;)

I hope this will be one reason why you will want to make my acquaintance,


Maria, 29

Hi! My name is Maria.

Outside of work, I love music and and the piano has been my companion for a long time. I love sitting down to play and compose music that fill me with hope and motivation. Each note represents a new world so I need to know how to combine these to achieve a perfect symphony....

Olga, 23

Hello! My name is Olga.

I am elegant and graceful in my every movement. My look is full of mystery and inner beauty. I am a girl with sparkling eyes and delicate features who dreams of true love. Although I am always surrounded by friends, I often feel lonely. My heart longs to find a man who will see not only my external beauty but also the depth of my soul.

I know that one day my dream will definitely come true and we will live happily together†for the rest of our lives.

Marina, 32

Hi, Iím Marina. How are you?

It is hard for me to describe myself but I will try my best!

I am a very communicative and friendly girl. I love to smile, you can see this in my photos. I like to communicate, I love to have interesting conversations with interesting people. I can talk for hours and never get tired of it. I think I have a good sense of humor so it will never be boring with me, and being next to me, you could lose track of time.

I'm sentimental, kind and romantic. I am a real dreamer and I am working hard to make my dreams come true. I like to visit new places and I dream of visiting every capital city in the world. Do you like to travel? I often go on trips to other counties and visit different famous places. I always have a camera with me to take photos. I think having lots of pictures of the places you have visited is very important and when I return home, I show these to my friends.

These trips also give me a good opportunity to learn English, to see cultural and historical places, and to meet people of different nationalities. I try to learn more about their traditions, history and culture. In other words, in the future I'm going to visit many countries of the world. Would you like to join me?

Alina, 34

Hi, Iím Alina.

I didn't plan to write banal things about myself such as describing myself as being romantic, gentle, passionate and serious. I want to show that I have all these qualities and even more. I am someone who can make your days brighter and nights warmer.

I am of the "old school" and believe that a woman is responsible for tenderness, romance and passion.

I am in love with this life despite wars, illnesses or any other problems at all.

I wish everyone a very happy and peaceful New Year!

Valeriya, 32

Hi ev≠ery≠one!

My name is Valeriya and I am a very positive person and like to offer lots of positive emotions and tenderness. I promise I will cheer you up in any situation! I have a great sense of humor and I know how to support and listen. I appreciate living in the moment and having sincere people beside me.

I am a very creative person too. I love art, music, fashion, literature and photography. Photography is a truly fulfilling hobby and I like to be a model in different projects. I put all my time, heart and soul into this hobby. I try to make the camera my most precious thing, and love exploring and doing new stuff. It gives me the opportunity to immerse myself in an exciting environment where I can meet new people.

I am learning numerous new skills too such as building my confidence which I believe will help me to thrive in all the opportunities that may come my way in the future.

Mariia, 32

Hello, my name is Maria and I will make your life bright and totally exciting!

My acquaintances call me ĎPepperí because I am sharp and hot. I will definitely dance for my man, but these are emotions I will only give when I am in LOVE!

The most important things that men will find attractive about me are my sincerity, intelligence, and loyalty.

After all, I am faithful, serious and at the same time light and sensual. I warn you, I am Fire! With me it is possible both to feel warmth and to burn to the ground.....

Sincerely, Maria!

Olga, 38

Hi ev≠ery≠one!

I am the founder of a beauty salon where real art is created every day. From the moment I first opened the doors of my own salon, my life has become an amazing and exciting journey. Starting from scratch wasn't easy, but I was determined and passionate about my business.


Irina, 36

Hello! My name is Irina.

I am not just the blonde that you see in the photos, I am a person with a beautiful personality too.
I am warm-hearted, cheerful and smart. I love smiling and have lots of reasons to do that. I can be kind and strict, funny and serious.

I like to travel and I dream of visiting Japan and China because I want to learn more about Eastern culture.

Among my other interests are cooking, music, nature, art and aromatherapy.

Nina Ewa, 36

Hello! My name is Nina Ewa. It is always easy for a young, slender and sophisticated woman to find her way out of any situation. My life is filled with bright colors, lightness and comfort which helps me to stay in good shape. I accept life as it is and always remain true to myself, you could say that this is my life credo.

Yuliya, 30

Hi, Iím Yuliya. How are you?

I work in the sale of luxury Lamborghini cars which are among the fastest, most expensive and prestigious vehicles in the world. I know everything about the carsí technical characteristics as well as the design and history of these Italian masterpieces. I communicate with clients who value quality, style and comfort. I help them to choose the right model, conduct test drives and draw up the sales documents. I am a Lamborghini fan too and love to drive them in my spare time. I enjoy the speed, power and beauty of these cars.

Nadezhda, 32

Hi ev≠ery≠one!

Iím Nadezhda and I can't imagine my life without cooking. For me, this is not just an everyday activity or a duty, but a real art that brings joy and inspiration each day. I am convinced that food not only satisfies hunger, but also inspires and creates a warm atmosphere in the family.

Viktoria, 46

Hello! Today I have decided to share with you part of my inner world! I hope you enjoy touching my soul!

My biggest hobby is drawing. This is a hobby that I devote a lot of time to and try to constantly improve. For me, drawing enables self-expression, meditation and the ability to embody my ideas and fantasies on paper.

I have been drawing since childhood and then over the years this hobby has become more serious. I prefer to work with a variety of techniques and materials, including pencils, watercolors, oils and digital painting. Each technique gives me the opportunity to express my feelings and ideas in a different way.

What I value most about drawing is its ability to convey mood and emotion. Spending time in front of a canvas or a piece of paper allows me to immerse myself in the creative process and forget all about my day to day worries. I can paint landscapes, portraits, abstract compositions or something completely unusual depending on my mood.

Drawing also teaches me patience and perseverance. It doesnít always work out the way I want it to straight away, and sometimes I have to redraw the same detail several times but it is through this process that I find satisfaction and joy.

I also learn from different sources and try to study the work of other artists which inspires me and helps me to develop. I also learn from my own mistakes, and each new drawing is a step forward in my art.

Drawing is more than just a hobby for me. It enables self-expression, immersion into the world of creativity and it is a source of inspiration. I hope that over time I can continue to develop my craft and share my work with others so they can see and feel what I am trying to convey through my drawings.

Now you know a little more about me! But this is not my only talent! I'm like a box of surprises!.... Do you want to open the door to my world?

With warmth in my heart!

Diana, 28

Hi guys! My name is Diana.

I am a young and beautiful girl who loves sports and an active lifestyle. I regularly visit the gym, where I train my body and spirit. I watch my diet and avoid bad habits. I know how to highlight my natural beauty and style. I am confident in myself and my abilities. I am a role model and inspiration for many people. I am a girl who deserves respect and love.


Oksana, 32

Hello! Here is a single Ukrainian looking for true love!

My name is Oksana. I am cheerful and easy-going, genuine and friendly. You will find me calm, kind, romantic and comfortable to be with. I am feminine and tender but at the same time I am strong and brave.
I am full of love and desire to be loved. I love my life and feeling real emotions.

I love active rest, I adore traveling because seeing something new is always a great idea!

My hobby is horse-riding because I love animals very much. I ride a lot during the holidays and I especially like riding in the hills and forest. Horse riding is a great outdoor hobby. I find it very enjoyable but it is also hard work!

If you're thinking about having riding lessons I could help you)

Sofy, 22

Hi, Iím Sofy. Iím a woman who loves cycling.

My love and passion for my bicycle is evident as shown in this video and you will also see that my skin color gives me the essence of being Latina with all the very marked cultural traits that means.

I love riding my bike, itís always my companion and I really like going for long walks too.

Aiym, 22

Hi, Iím Aiym. How are you? Thereís something Iíd like to share with you.

I think the heart always speaks for us and knows the answers to everything.

But my heart cannot just speak, it can also sing. I hope that in this video you will hear not only my voice, but also my soul.

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