Kristina from Kiev, Ukraine

age: 34
city: Kiev
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This week is glad to introduce a stunning lady Kristina from Kiev, Ukraine. Kristina is a purposeful and positive lady who likes fitness, traveling and reading books. She is looking for her perfect man to create a strong family and enjoy life together. Would you like to know more about her? Read Kristina痴 story and enjoy her magnificent photos.

Helュlo dear,

My cherュished dream is to find my one and onュly unique man who値l beュcome my husュband once and for all! I知 lookュing and beュlieve that I値l find a man who will beュcome not just my husュband, but a friend and a partュnュer for life. I want us to enュjoy each other's comュpany. I dream we値l be able to disュcuss any topュic toュgether. I do want my man to have the abilュiュty to calmュly disュcuss things and reach comュproュmisュes with me if we evュer have any sort of conュflict. I知 conュvinced that muュtuュal reュspect and supュport of each other will make our reュlaュtionュship strong and long-lastュing.

I want to enュjoy doュing acュtivュiュties toュgether, such as cookュing, cyュcling or dancュing... I like to be outュside in naュture. Moreュover I would like to travュel more. But both would be much more enュjoyュable if I had a man that I love by my side!!! You may think she's too perュfect but I have many difュferュent sides to my charュacュter ha ha) So, you won稚 be bored)

I do beュlieve I have maュnュaged to reach inュto your soul and woュken up the deュsire to conュtact me and. : ) I'm waitュing for you here)))


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